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Romeo Paradise - Romeo Paradise (The First Album)
"Romeo Paradise" – «Romeo Paradise (The First Album)»
Romeo Paradise - Шаг вперёд (Single)
"Romeo Paradise" – «Шаг вперёд (Single)»
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"Stormchoir" : тексты песен и другие тексты

Expose To Odium  | Год: 2006 | Автор(ы): Stormchoir | Последняя редакция: 09.06.2009

One day I have opened my eyes.
And I have seen.
I have seen it all.
All the extravagance of entire human world.

Grief and pain, which contains in each of them.
Triteness and fragility of their thoughts.
For them all is determined already.
I don"t see man whom rose above his destiny

They surely know their place in all instants.

I saw a diamond dawn,
but this is just an optical illusion,
announced next day for them.

I often wander safely beyond space and time.
For them it means impending restriction of dwell

Behold! a miracle have just embraced you
Or you only look through your own fingers
You have fallen into pit of falce and can"t creep away

You are glorious by your decayed morality
Suffer defeat before physical death

Yes, I"m alone in my passion
I"m one among them. I practice my intolerance

I can"t find my point why this thusness?
the failure of a pride,
honour is in lack.

And in oblivion of night,
in endless world of someone"s thoughts,
in depths of another"s glare
I tried to close eyes, but I can"t.

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Spawn Of Erdenvolk  | Год: 2006 | Автор(ы): Stormchoir | Последняя редакция: 09.06.2009

Step over your flock
The shepherd of blind fanatic
Look on all of you got
Is it acquest?
It"s your loss

The war not to conquer
That battle of obsession

with prays of redemption
You bury all world
To cure ... to purify

there is nothing from angel
to have your own wings

The war not to conquer
That battle of obsession

They lead by you will
See with your eyes
How many victims you need
to satisfy?

Ascend! Enslave! Forsake!
The life is short
The world is so small

Painful Necessity  | Год: 2006 | Автор(ы): Stormchoir | Последняя редакция: 09.06.2009

Phrenetic reverence to offstage violence
For all these times the same rave

Let me show you all our ignorance
"Cause we must recognize the seeming and the real
Crush now the psychological permanency

Through the years of our kind"s growth
Threads a wish to kill some more
Hunger for the souls of others

Painful Necessity!

Gather an assault
Death toll is classified now
Hammer to the shell arms of Void

Cast down into hell!
Plunge to rise again!

Fighting efficiency makes the grade
Never mind the cost to make a shallow grave

Walk through the millions of dead to...
...be the master to disciples
And sate your thirst for blood

From within the spiritual blindness
Technological advance began and
Engendered an armaments race

Triumph of humanity!

Casus foederis
Greed, gain, a wish to seize the throne
Desire for power is inexhaustible

Cast down into hell!
Plunge to rise again!


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