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Romeo Paradise - Никогда больше
"Romeo Paradise" – «Никогда больше»
Romeo Paradise - Пьяными ночами (Single)
"Romeo Paradise" – «Пьяными ночами (Single)»
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"Изнанка Гогена" : тексты песен и другие тексты

The Pain.  | Год: 1995 | Автор(ы): Wise | Последняя редакция: 18.07.2003

Flares of lighting cut the night,
Dreadful roar drive out the dream.
Pity, that I in vain fight.
My pain is deep.

Where is death angel, evil dead?
But crafty beast repressed in gloom.
Now appear monk in red.
My pain is Moon.

God of grief settled in soul,
Grain of vice is picked beam.
In bloody eyes reflect the mortal cold.
My pain is the scream.

"Live!" – dictate the Night,
"Die!" – exult the Day.
Nobody can"t help me.
My pain is the shade.

I hear the roar, funeral ringing.
Pity, that no salivation, when come the death, I"ll out fly.
Just so finished my being.
My pain is crying.

Babys Like.  | Год: 1993 | Автор(ы):  | Последняя редакция: 18.07.2003

So cool boy,
In the shit never led.
He liked quails and vine,
Bucks and gladness,

Oh, fucking horny ballshit!
Baby"s like.

So cool boy,
Always smile.
Sweet face baby"s like,
Foolish in eyes.

Oh, fucking horny ballshit!
Baby"s like.

The Spys  | Год: 1995 | Автор(ы):  | Последняя редакция: 18.07.2003

My home pulls of spys:
They eat up my lunch,
They steal my manuscripts,
They fuck with my wife,
They break off my drive every day.

How bored this spys!
Now I catch them and cut off their ears.
And when I"ll catch them all,
I"ll wright the book about harm of the insects.
------------------------------ "Шпионы."

Мой дом полон шпионов:
Они съедают мой завтрак,
Они крадут мои рукописи,
Они трахаются с моей женой,
Они обламывают мой кайф каждый день.

Как достали эти шпионы!
Теперь я ловлю их и отрезаю им уши.
И когда переловлю всех,
Я напишу книгу о вреде насекомых.

BlaseWays  | Год: 1993 | Автор(ы): Wise | Последняя редакция: 23.07.2003

It seems whole world is at Satan mercy.
Ignoramuses for a long time forgot God faith.
I am walking on edge of blade,
Step right, step left is abyss.
I am eaten back by pain,
I am seized by the shame.
‘Cos I forgot my kind,
‘Cos I am damned liar.
God rage by the holy light
Burn my oppressing soul.
Let now I scream, tomorrow I"ll get a drink.
My connection with Mind to the ground razes.
Besides the terrible, suicide, nocturnal thoughts
Before me stays Blaseways.
The ways of Damned Town – neon and deathly faces,
The abnormal wears, the dirty looks – they so relentless.
Through atmosphere of rancor pierce the cruel roar!
I look upwards and see the Scull. Oh, it such bleak!
It poison Town by Evil, it fills mind by fear,
It poured streets by trash. And God source was smash!
I walk down Town and feel that pressure more and more.
I will be free, when my strength out flow.
Now I am under gases
Of God and Blazeways.
How to stay clean before my conscience?
How to avoid my dark revelations?
I hear behind the wails – it"s the chase.
I come out to battle again. To Blaseways… Oct.22.93.


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