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Илья Сёмкин - Деревянный блюз
Илья Сёмкин – «Деревянный блюз»
Илья Сёмкин - Эндопанк
Илья Сёмкин – «Эндопанк»
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"Diamond Swallows" : тексты песен и другие тексты

Fake German Smile  | Год: 2009 | Автор(ы): К. Божья-Воля | Последняя редакция: 08.01.2009

Nothing can make me so happy like your eyes
But you are refusing, I"m missing, besides.
And I have been fighting with myself for ages -
I wanna forget your cold sight to me, Precious.
Punishing myself for the tenth time,
My head is now full of much garbage and lime.
Attempting to shout my soul mummers something
Instead of some tenderness, you only speak "Dummy"...

I"m falling in love with your fake German smiles,
And watching your cunning face even through miles.
You are not so tender with me as I wish
Just because for your age you"re really not foolish.
Only bitches and whores are surrounding me
But none of them can be even a little of thee.

Youll do all Your best  | Год: 2010 | Автор(ы): К. Божья-Воля | Последняя редакция: 22.04.2010

You"ll do all your best to make him thinking of you,
To make him staring at you,
To make him holding by you.
And he feels the same, craating something for you.

He holds your tiny little prity hand,
And dreams of laying with you on the sand.
And he feels the same, craating something for you.

You try not to scare each other,
But he is escaping the meeting with mother
You smile...

The loveliest beginning
Of this short pretty evening.
Wispering waves of the Black and Green sea,
You both smile each other under the tree.

Social Swamp  | Год: 2009 | Автор(ы): К. Божья-Воля / Н. Федоров | Последняя редакция: 05.04.2009

Verse 1:
And drugs cannot help you anymore,
You always take part in social war.
Bitching each other from the beginning.
You feel lots of pain as the moods are swinging.

You are screaming and bleeding,
Nobody"s succeeding
In a social swamp.
You are crashing and smashing,
Your old friends are lashing
In a social swamp

Verse 2:
And now inaction rules this world
Every fucking dummy now seems rather bold.
Filthy animals seem neat and clever.
We always try to get rid of forever.

You are screaming and bleeding,
Nobody"s succeeding
In a social swamp.
You are crashing and smashing,
Your old friends are lashing
In a social swamp

The Pink Planet  | Год: 2009 | Автор(ы): К. Божья-Воля | Последняя редакция: 03.04.2009

Verse 1:
Nobody knows about this thing,
But me and you will be dancin" swing
In our secret place,
And finding some hidden ways
Through the vast and silent universe,
And finally reaching these forbidden doors.

And here"s the Pink Planet from somewhere,
With blue sun, red grass and non dirty air.
These black clouds are smiling every day,
Stiring on the pink sky and flying away.

Verse 2:
The green flying cows are dancing with us,
They"re licking and chewing this honeyed red grass.
And strange plants are creeping up to the skyes,
The blue sun is not blinding eyes.
This strange set of unbelieveble joy
Makes me and you happy, becoming a ploy...


Georgia  | Год: 2008 | Автор(ы): К. Божья-Воля | Последняя редакция: 19.12.2008

You"re truing to help us
With violent actions,
Your terrible factions
And silly suggestions.
So we all keep fighting
Your fat asses biting.

And children are crying -
It is hard to survive them,
You kill all the specious
Like tasting delicious.
Young fellows are dying,
Mass media"s lying

Making fools of humanity
With its stupid identity.
Such poidoned candy
Is not sween as brandy.

I hope you"ll be smarter than
Georgia"s government

And be not so stupid like goddy named Cupid!

You"re unendeed ragtag,
Sitting on the people"s neck!

Fuck you! Fuck Ukraine,
And you all drive us insane!

Blue bridge:
We hope that again
The world will be peaceful and then
The swallows won"t die
And babies and mommies, and daddies won"t cry
About them
We won"t need to hide under the ground,
And you will decide to stop the war
Without escaping to the resort....

The Uncle Sam"s plan was failed -
We spent all the cash he paid:
We"re drinking and smoking
And laughing, and doping.


Wordless Refrein

Crazy Curly Girl  | Год: 2008 | Автор(ы): К. Божья-Воля | Последняя редакция: 19.12.2008

Verse 1:
So you look at me so curious,
And I don"t know what to do
I"m staying like a maple,
Playing rock"n"roll for you.
My feeling is much stronger
Than any kind of drug,
My brain is crying "HELP ME!"
As my head has caught a slug.

Now wait for me, I"ll play with you,
My crazy little curly girl!
Tonight I"m gonna rip you off
And throw away so far from me.
But I keep standing, breethin" loud,
Smelling your sharp fragrance while
It drives insane such crazy guys
With dirty-sounded guitars

Verse 2:
But I"m rockin" and rollin"
And driving crazy croud talkin"
"How are you?", "Who are you?"
It"s all because of my low IQ.

Well I don"t care that you are fifteen,
Recieving messages, deletin"
I try to find another way
And say the three words that you wait.
I seriously wait you
To be mine, but something"s disappointing.
Take off your shirt, switch off the light
And try to give me some delight.


Drug-n-Roll (Needle Is Breaking)  | Год: 2009 | Автор(ы): К. Божья-Воля | Последняя редакция: 22.01.2009

Verse 1:
When you are doping the whole night,
And even can"t switch on the light,
Injecting veins you dry your brains
But the body"s making gains.
You wanna kill and fuck "em all
Repeating strongly: "Drug and Roll!!!"

So the needle is breaking,
You"re cursing and ragging.
Your girl is mad about you,
Thinking out something new...

Verse 2:
You try to smile and go on snuffing,
While hopeless life is terribly muffing,
The cocaine"s makin" you insane,
And something"s fucking up your brain.
You losing friends, don"t speak at all
Instead of screaming: "Drug and Roll!!!"


Sorry, I miss You  | Год: 2009 | Автор(ы): Н. Федоров | Последняя редакция: 04.05.2009

It seems to be all right,
When I catch your pretty sight,
When our hands like halves are together.
We children of the dew,
I like play pranks with you,
I became a stupid boy and dive in smile.

I sea your pretty face!
And feel some kind of race!

Sorry, I miss you,
Even if someone said all right
You always be playing my strings of life!
Sorry I miss you,
And I"m always can"t forget
Regretting fortune,
I need you more than smoking cigarettes!

Hard Rock Smells Bad  | Год: 2009 | Автор(ы): К. Божья-Воля | Последняя редакция: 16.05.2009

Wake up and kick your cat,
Stand up and wash your head,
Put on the glasses, scratch your cock
And switch on the vinyl of good hard rock.

You"re fond of dirty smelly hard rock.
And never give your hairy head to dock.
Crap on your TV-set and roll!
And hoot about them all...

Find and screw another slut,
Curse and give a damn about the god.
Try to look like the boys in the band,
Be crazy and vulgar as hard rock smells bad!

Cowboys Goo (the country song)  | Год: 2009 | Автор(ы): К. Божья-Воля | Последняя редакция: 20.10.2009

Verse 1:
Smashing cows and drinking whiskey,
And playing country for miss Linsky
You run along the dirty road
Just chewing cakes and washing throat.
You rag the boys from the next ranch,
Then break their noses with the bench.
You strum old banjo in the hammock
Annoying everyone...

Slow bridge:
Now your bottle is empty,
You run tumbledown saloon.
Its barman Ben is about eighty,
He"s beating gangstas with big spoon.

Verse 2:
Your neighbour Bill is confirmed drunkard,
He drinks tequilla and eats mustard.
Bill mummers lots of ravings
Annoying everyone...
He trys to make some gratefull sounds,
But loose all sosial minds.

Mary Janes Kiss (Intellectual Pyramid)  | Год: 2009 | Автор(ы): Н. Фёдоров / К. Божья-Воля | Последняя редакция: 20.10.2009

On the pierce of port "Wine"
Take some pretty bitches
And don"t be so shy, guy...

You scream in a crowd,
And voice is too loud
And it"s driving me crazy now!

Look at me now!
So look at me now
And try not to ask me how!

Shake your hands!
And break the gangs!
Think of yourself!
Take your gun
And fuck their mom.
Smell fresh air!
There"s no room to spare...

Make up your desigions strongly in strat line,
Fuck up Mary Jane and be at home in time
And I"ll teach you how to do the best in making noize,
Please keep your fingers crossed for me and we"ll never lose...

Look at me now!
Hey, look at me now
And than sharply run away!

Don"t think of them all,
Break up this long wall
And Fuck up the government.

Oh... we are so small,
And they are so tall...
But all we are nothing in this huge pyramid!!!



Saturday Night  | Год: 2009 | Автор(ы): К. Божья-Воля | Последняя редакция: 16.11.2009

Hi my friends
You won"t have another chance
You"ll hop with us
And all together we will rise the dust!
Hey man take your sileut and Nance
And join this crazy Shooby-dooby-dance,
Flashy silly movements are the part of you,
And the main crock of shit is daily business too!

You really cannot stop,
And give up those "jump" and "hop"
All the busy borring guys,
Sharply stopped to be so wise!

Rise like a sun and fall like a stone,
This Saturday night you"ll not come home!
Nothing to do exept this stupid dirti dance
And this pretty show of Elvis fans!

We move like a tightening and smashing the cheeks
And this rock"n"roll party will endure till six,
Erly in the morning we all go to bed
Nervously thinking of this funny fad!

You really cannot stop,
And give up those "jump" and "hop"
All the busy borring guys,
Sharply stopped to be so wise!

Rise like a sun and fall like a stone,
This Saturday night you"ll not come home!
Nothing to do exept this stupid dirti dance
And this pretty show of Elvis fans!

Holy Hand  | Год: 2009 | Автор(ы): Н. Федоров | Последняя редакция: 28.12.2009

Oh, Baby, some useless delaying.
You can"t live without paying.
Providing some silly protection
You have very tiny erection!
Your neighbors hates your behavior
And cheeks only rape you for "Maybach"
You almost try give up bleeding,
But as always mobile is ringing.

Doping and lieing you can"t live without a trying!
Hoping, relying on somebody"s powerful guiding!

Your "Holy" career is rising
And dig-heads are analyzing
All fucking and boring statistic
Hey, Guy don"t be so pessimistic!
It"s possible to drop off business
And be as that crazy bitches,
Who play tonight for delicious
Forgot about ambitious.


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