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"Hymns Of Winds" : тексты песен и другие тексты

Shining Of Death On My Blade  | Год: 2009 | Автор(ы): Я | Последняя редакция: 08.12.2009

Winter moon is shining upone snowy fields
I thouht my time has become and I"m ready for this
But when whisper of death is so near
All that i feel is a treacherous fear.

The burning arrows are falling from nowhere
All that i see is the pain and agony of death
But strange to say pain of other people
Don"t scary me, it makes me feel so good...

When i was taking other lifes
My mind was clear of mercy and full of rage
I thought only about my blade
Which was an implement of bloody madness

My sword was hymn of suffering
My eyes was reflection of human nature
And soon i understood - when you are killing
You are killing your own soul

I am hearing voice of stars
I am feeling cold wind
I was wounded by someones arrow
I was dying under northern moon

Only night and pain surrounds me
I was remain to die in my own blood
I"ll die alone, i"ll die for nothing
War is the darkest side of existence

I am hearing that battle is over
Rustle of trees is dispersing the silence
My miserable life is close to end
Bloody sunrise has illuminated my death

Soon my boody will full of worms
No one will remember my deeds
I am coming to my forefathers
Only wind will hear my last groan...

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